Lumex LED Lighting on selected products are VEET Approved

1. What is VEET?

The VEET scheme (the Scheme) is a Victorian Government initiative promoted as the Energy Saver Incentive (ESI) administered through the Essential Services Commission (ESC). The VEET scheme is designed to make energy efficiency improvements more affordable to energy consumers.

2. Who is the ESC?

The Essential Services Commission was established under the Essential Services Commission Act 2001 and administers the VEET scheme.

3. What is a Prescribed Activity?

The VEET scheme comprises over 30 specific energy saving activities known as Prescribed Activities that enable the creation of Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECs), where one certificate represents a reduction of one tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent achieved by undertaking the prescribed activity. Importantly, this certificate has a monetary value, which helps to reduce the cost of the installation to the home or business owner.

4. What are the VEET Prescribed Activities for Lighting Upgrades?

Schedule 21 – Replacement of incandescent lighting with more energy efficient lighting product (introduced in 2009) eligible for residential and businesses

Schedule 34 – Commercial Lighting upgrades (introduced in May 2012) eligible for businesses only

5. What does it mean to be an Accredited Person (AP)?

The scheme establishes Accredited Persons (AP), who facilitate participation in the scheme, ensure all compliance requirements are met under the Prescribed Activity and importantly create VEECs from eligible energy saving activities.

6. What is a VEEC and VEEC creation?

Victorian energy efficiency certificate (VEEC) is the name of the certificates created under this scheme. An AP ‘creates’ VEECs by electronically submitting to the ESC specific data of installations it has undertaken in a household or business premises. This data is subject to stringent checks, assessments and approval processes to ensure it is of a particular standard, before the VEECs are formally ‘created’.

7. Do APs need to recycle decommissioned products?

It is a requirement of the ESC that APs ensure contractors/installers recycle any recyclable components they decommission as part of an upgrade in an environmentally responsible and verifiable manner. The ESC will look for recycling receipts as evidence of proper decommissioning.

8. What determines the eligibility of an upgrade?

The ESC applies the following five point test to determine the eligibility of a given upgrade:-

  • The treatment of the works as part of the same upgrade must be reasonable and defensible,
  • The upgrade must have begun after the commencement of the amended regulations (17 May 2012),
  • The upgrade must have been completed after the date on which you lodged your application for accreditation or application for additional activity approval,
  • The upgrade must have been completed after the date on which you lodged the product approval applications for the products installed as part of the upgrade, and
  • You must be able to source all the documentation required to verify the pre-upgrade lighting situation (as defined by the document check list in the assignment form).

9. Why do you have to use VEET approved products?

Only VEET approved products can be used to receive the benefits under the scheme. VEET approved products offer innovative LED technology with longer lamp life, improving lighting quality and energy efficiency.

10. How can a residential or business energy consumer benefit from the scheme?

The VEET scheme creates opportunities for energy consumers to upgrade their incandescent lighting at a lower cost.
This can be offered in the form of either:

  • Upfront Cash
  • Price Reduction
  • Delayed Cash
  • Free Installation

11. How long will the scheme run?

The scheme, marketed to the public as the Energy Saver Incentive, commenced on 1 January 2009 and is legislated to continue in three-year phases until 1 January 2030.

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Eureka Towers took advantage of the VEET Program

Middy’s, Casey Electrical and Ozwide Group were able to facilitate a subsidised lighting upgrade in the skyscraper.

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