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Thirsty Camel BottleShops Fitout | Warradale, South Australia

The Project:A member of Adelaide’s newest liquor chain, Thirsty Camel has modern aesthetics to the new structure.

Sam Gordon from Contect Electrical wanted to utilise a light fitting with a clean modern finish, excellent light output and also to a focus on energy efficiency.

The client highlighted the importance of energy consumption reduction given the long hours of operation and the external environment made it difficult for maintenance.

The Solution:To replace existing energy hungry 250W low bays, Lumex NovaBlade™ LED Panels were installed and use half the energy.

15 x NovaBlade™ Excalibur 1200 x 300mm LED panels were fitted for their low profile surface mount in the driveway area of the bottle shop.

The panels have low-glare flow moulded lensing to maximise reflective illumination and provides an even dispersal of light, resulting in a smooth light output. Also they do not accumulate dust or grime and nowhere for insects to gain access which made them the perfect choice for the fitout.

Potential Energy & Maintenance Savings:With the retailer operating in excess of 93 hours a week, the energy savings will achieve a 60% reduction in energy costs.

NovaBlade™ utilises high quality LED chipsets supporting 50,000 hours and come with the Lumex 7 Year warranty.

The client is delighted with the light output and realised a reduction in the regular energy bill.

Fittings that were replaced 25
1200 x 300mm (LL9PX123## SERIES)
Energy Savings achieved >60%
Ongoing Maintenance MAINTENANCE FREE LIFE UP TO 50,000 HOURS 
Product Warranty 7 Years
Payback Period 1.5 YEAR PAYBACK