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TAB Currambine Lighting Upgrade | Currambine, Western Australia

The Project:

With a focus on reducing the energy consumption of lighting for this site, the significant operational hours proved challenging with traditional lighting technology. The team at Lumex LED lighting, with support from the maintenance electrician and electrical wholesaler were able to offer a solution to the client that optimized light output and energy efficiency whilst being mindful of total cost of ownership.

A vital component of the lighting levels for this TAB store was to balance the general lighting requirements across desk areas in conjunction with the race wall TV screens to optimize the impact of race activity. Finding this balance with traditional lighting proved challenging based on the degradation of light output over time as well as discoloration of fluorescent tubes in existing fixtures.

The Solution:

The client requested the assistance of their maintenance electrician to provide a lighting solution that met the requirements of this store, with an important focus on energy savings and optimal light output.

Working with the electrical wholesaler and the team from Lumex LED lighting, the maintenance electrician was able to review a range of lighting design concepts for this site.

Through the use of 3D colour rendering, the client was able to see the impact of various lighting levels proposed for the store and make an informed decision as to the appropriate product required.

The NovaLED™ Maxi downlight range was selected as the most appropriate product offer for this site, based on light output, wattage consumption and price positioning. Further, the integrated phase dimming capabilities found in the Lumex NovaLED™ Maxi range provided a perfect solution for the commercial considerations. In agreement with the client, the implementation of thirty-six (36) Lumex NovaLED™ Maxi products were installed within the store.

Potential Energy & Maintenance Savings:

Due to the extended hours of operation of the site (over 12 hours per day, 7 days per week), the benefits in reduced wattage levels, yet improved lighting output has been realised by the client in a short amount of time. With minimal disruption to the operation of the facility, the maintenance electrician was able to efficiently implement a solution on the lighting upgrade and offer the client an improved lighting arrangement across a number of key areas.

Further, energy savings in excess of 50% have been realised for the client with the additional benefits of maintenance free operation.

Fittings that were replaced 36
Energy Savings achieved >50%
Product warranty 7 YEARS
Maintenance savings achieved >$1,000 PER YEAR

“During the entire process of design, selection of light fittings, acquisition of product and install, we found the team at Lumex LED Lighting to be helpful and well versed in their abilities to solve our lighting problems. The end result gave us a pleasant experience for our customers and staff.

The LED fittings save considerable costs in the general running of the Agency
as compared to the previous light fittings.”

Property Services Manager, TAB Currambine