Myer Lighting Upgrade | Chadstone Shopping Centre Melbourne, Victoria

The Myer retail stores are undergoing significant refurbishment across the lighting requirements. With a focus on quality of light critical to the purchasing decisions of consumers, the client along with our valued electrical partners turned to Lumex to understand what can be done to improve the quality of light without increased expense of a complete lighting replacement program.

The Project:

Myer is committed to providing a high quality retail experience through inviting point of sale activity, merchandise configurations and promotional activity.

Fundamental to the consumer experience is the ability to identify key parts of the store quickly. To maintain a fresh look within the retail environment is often challenged by the ceiling grid configuration.

The arrangement of light fittings and focus required in key areas throughout the store is paramount to store activity, as with the right design, the consumer can be directed to key areas of promotional activity.

Further, the client was limited on budget and time constraints to complete the lighting replacement program. It was this limitation that challenged the design team at Lumex to deliver an innovative approach to retail illumination.

Through careful review of the existing infrastructure first and awareness of budget constraints, the team developed an industry modular lighting array.

The Solution:

Keeping in line with the client brief of a cost effective, high light output solution, the team at Lumex created an industry first Lumex LightBank light array.

A cost effective solution is to cut their energy usage and costs through lighting, which plays a major part in their overall consumption. To date the pilot consisted of a mix of 3 x 3 and 5 x 2 Lumex LightBank configurations allowing the client to adapt the use according to retail promotional activity.

Combined with the Lumex 7 year warranty program and unbeatable performance in terms of light quality, colour rendering and low wattage consumption, there is no competition when real innovation delivers.

Increased focussed light output by 60%
Support store wide promotional activity
High colour rendering provides brilliant colour tones ideal for retail light (CRI >90)
Light level adjustable
Zero maintenance
Latest technology enhancements
Ideal retail lighting application
Seven year warranty
Fully Australian approved