Mayfield Manufacturing Lighting Upgrade | Edinburgh, South Australia

The Project: 

Mayfield, located in Edinburgh Parks, South Australia is established as one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of industrial switchboards and switchrooms. Defined through key values placed on safety, quality and commitment to the highest standards, Mayfield have continued to secure significant project activity and innovate through shared values with its clients.

The team at Lumex LED lighting and Solarmade undertook an overall energy assessment to determine what opportunities were available to reduce the energy consumption of the facility.

The expectation was to deliver significant reductions in carbon emissions and lower energy and maintenance costs. Other assumptions included longer lamp life, improve lighting levels and improved quality of the light throughout the work environment.

The Solution: 

Key initiatives included the upgrade of LED lighting across production facilities, external lighting as well as office areas. Further, the installation of a 60kW PV Solar System provided significant benefit to the facility to support yearly production schedules.

Installation of over 100 Lumex SkyBay2™ 150W LED HighBays to replace tired 400W Metal Halide fittings saw an immediate improvement in light output, colour rendering and energy reduction.

Potential Energy & Maintenance Savings: 

The energy assessment and report that supported the facility realised the energy saving benefits immediately through increased production requirements of the site whilst minimizing significant increase to energy consumption.

Through a combination of LED lighting to save power and a PV Solar system to generate power, Mayfield is well positioned to manage energy consumption requirements now and in the future.

Fittings that were replaced 80
Energy Savings achieved >70%
Product warranty 7 YEARS
Maintenance Savings achieved $7,500 PER YEAR

The delivery of the LED lighting upgrade and solar installation was professionally managed by the team. We have seen an improvement in the lighting levels for our production facilities as well as savings on our electricity bills. This supports our corporate strategy of energy savings initiatives.

Chief Executive Officer, Mayfield