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Endeavor Petroleum BP Korumburra Upgrade | Korumburra, Victoria

The Project:

BP Korumburra Petrol Station, located in the Gippsland area of Victoria, operates 24 hours, 7 days a week servicing locals, travellers and truck drivers. Recently the power prices have increased dramatically hence the move to replacing energy hungry canopy lighting, floodlights and store lighting to Lumex LED fittings.

The service station had a range of High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamps, Mercury vapor (MV) lamps fitted because of the high intensity, clear white light output, ideal for outdoor lighting, and fluorescent tube light fitting in the shop, counter and office areas.

Previously installed were 2 x 36W fluorescent shop lights inside and boundary floodlights with canopy lighting covering the shop front, petrol pumps, car wash and parking areas.

The Solution:

To replace existing energy hungry 83W fluro interior tube lighting to 20 x Lumex NovaBlade™ LED 40W Panels.

The panels have low-glare flow moulded lensing to maximise reflective illumination and provides an even dispersal of light, resulting in a smooth light output. Also they do not accumulate dust or grime and nowhere for insects to gain access which made them the perfect choice for the fitout.

The outdoor petrol pump area replaced 400W canopy lighting to the high performance, weatherproof Light Rack ™ Floodlights which are the ideal alternative to discharge lighting floods up to 1000W. Surround outdoor areas included the replacement of 250W floodlights with 4 x 14W and 3 x 36W NovaRay™ floods which have a better light dispersal and achieve over 80% energy savings.

Potential Energy & Maintenance Savings:

With the petrol station using at least 50% of electricity in refrigeration the lighting upgrade has covered the power price increase for the entire site.

Fittings that were replaced OVER 30
Lumex LED Product NOVABLADE™ LED PANEL LIGHT 1200 x 300mm (LL9P123N)
Energy savings achieved >50%
Product Warranty 7 YEARS