Adelaide Festival Centre, JB Room Upgrade | Adelaide, South Australia

The Project:

Adelaide Festival Centre’s first priority was to reduce the heat generated by the lighting in the JB Room, and the other common areas and meeting rooms that can be partitioned off.

The ancillary benefit replacing these halogen downlights was the significant energy savings that changing to good quality LEDs can provide.

On inspection of the light to be removed, the wires connecting the fittings were hardened from the heat generated by the lamps, and in some cases, the ceiling area around the fixtures and the outer plastic covering was showing signs of heat damage. Now their concern at the risk of fire made them even more enthusiastic for change.

The Solution:

Centre Management chose Lumex LED Lighting as their solution. Installation was carried out by local qualified electricians who fitted out 180 NovaLED™ Downlights throughout the multi-function rooms, ballroom and amenities in the venue.

They chose the Lumex NovaLED™ for its 7 Year warranty, and for its aesthetics.

Potential Energy & Maintenance Savings:

As it is a large venue, the cost of refitting all the down light fixtures will be an expensive exercise. However, by reducing the power consumption by around 80% and virtually eliminating maintenance the Centre was able to confidently forecast a payback period of 2 years. These savings made it a sound financial solution as well as one that improved the comfort and safety of patrons.

Adelaide Festive Centre
Adelaide Festive Centre using Lumex LED
Adelaide Festive Centre using Lumex LED
Fittings that were replaced 180
Energy Savings achieved >80%
Product Warranty 7 YEARS
Annual Energy Savings $8,500 PER YEAR 
Payback Period 2 YEAR PAYBACK