Adelaide City Council Lighting Upgrade | Adelaide, South Australia

The Project:

Retrofit Level 6 of the Colonel Light Centre offices with state-of-the-art LED lighting technology with the expectation to deliver:

  • Reductions in carbon emissions
  • Lower energy and maintenance costs
  • Longer lamp life
  • Improve lighting levels and quality within the work environment

The Solution:

Although the existing luminaires in this 19th Century Building varied from location to location, the predominant luminaire was a recessed troffer (2 x 36W T8), each consuming approximately 82W.

The electrical contractor replaced these existing luminaires on one floor with 136 Lumex NovaBlade™ LED Panels and reduced the power consumption per lighting point to below 40W.

For common commercial T-Bar Ceilings it is often quicker and safer to change to NovaBlade™ than to carry out tube replacements and associated maintenance. In new installations the benefits are even greater.

Also included in the upgrade was the replacement of 40 halogen downlights. These were replaced with Lumex NovaLED™. In these areas the energy saving was in the order of 80%.

Potential Energy & Maintenance Savings:

By achieving energy savings in excess of 50%, the Council has saved $4,400 pa at current energy prices. With these savings and lower demand on air conditioning, more comfortable lighting levels, and lower maintenance,  Adelaide City Council was able to meet their 2012 carbon emissions goal and become the first 100% LED office floor in Adelaide.

They are now looking at replicating of these upgrades on other floors in the building.

Adelaide City Council
Adelaide City council
Fittings that were replaced 176
Energy Savings achieved >50%
Reduction in CO2 emissions 14.4 TONNES
Product Warranty 7 YEARS
Annual Energy Savings $4,400 PER YEAR