NovaLED Maxi GEN2 Downlight

The NovaLED Maxi GEN2 Range combines brilliance with extra low glare, opening NovaLED Maxi GEN2 up to a broad range of more specialised design opportunities.

With the deeply recessed light source, the Lumex SoftGlow reflector and power options right up to an astounding 5500 lumen, NovaLED Maxi GEN2 provides high quality light with the highest level of discretion. NovaLED Maxi GEN2 lights come standard with a clear diffuser rated to IP54 to meet BCA requirements, to limit dust ingress, and to broaden their suitability through to most wet areas and protected outdoor locations.

Series Cut out Size Total Power (Up to) Lumen
LL1N2M3 80-92mm 9W 870Lm
LL1N2M4 100-120mm 12W 1100Lm
LL1N2M6 150-160mm 16W 1650Lm
LL1N2M7 175-190mm 22W 2200Lm
LL1N2M7H 175-200mm 32W 3300Lm
LLIN2M8 200-240mm 45W 4400Lm
200-240mm 12W 1100Lm
200-240mm 22W 2200Lm
LL1N2M8H 200-240mm 55W 5500Lm


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Series Overview

With colour rendering boosted to HiColour CRI>90, NovaLED Maxi GEN2 are more suitable for fine living and quality commercial applications. The M8H models are an ideal for feature lighting, foyers and high traffic areas.

NovaLED Maxi Downlight Commercial Application
  • Range: 760Lm to 5500Lm, 9W to 55W
  • 97Lm to 95Lm/Watt. Thats up to 86% energy saving
  • M80 Projected LED life > 100,000 hours
  • Colour Temperatures: 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K
  • Clear diffuser, Beam angle 90 (standard) and optional 38 and 60
  • Lumex Soft Glow Diffuser
  • Colour Rendering: HiColour CRI>90
  • Unified Glare Rating (UGR) below 19
  • White finish as standard, Satin Silver Optional
  • Dimmable with 1-10V option available
  • Immune to Ripple Frequency Interference
  • IP54 Protection
  • 1.2M flex and plug fitted
  • Direct connect facility
  • Fully recyclable
  • Fully Australian Approved
  • Seven Year Warranty

Breadth of Offer

The NovaLED Maxi GEN2 downlight range offers a lighting solution from the smallest home to the most imposing commercial setting. From the compact M3 through to the powerful M8H High Output there is a Maxi product for any fixed downlight application.

Extra Low Glare

NovaLED Maxi GEN2 is an extra low glare light source. This is achieved by combining a deeply recessed light source with a Lumex SoftGlow reflector. When tested in accordance with the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) document 117-1995 Discomfort Glare in Interior Lighting, NovaLED Maxi GEN2 received a Unified Glare Rating (UGR) of below 19. This means glare from the light source is barely noticeable and the light source is suitable, according to Australian Standard AS/NZS1680.1.2008 Interior and workplace lighting, for use in general office areas and similar spaces.


NovaLED Maxi GEN2 M3, M4, M6 and M7 (9-22W) downlights are dimmable using trailing edge phase dimmers. For the best assured dimming range and reliable performance we recommend the Lumex LoadSmart GEN2 dimmer be used. 1-10V dimming models are also available.
NovaLED Maxi GEN2 M7H, M8 and M8H (32-55W) downlights come standard with 1-10V dimmable drivers.

Colour Rendering

NovaLed Maxi GEN2 downlights have a boosted Colour Rendering Index rating in excess of 90 (CRI>90). The closer the CRI number is to 100, the more accurately the light displays colours as they would appear under bright sunlight. With a CRI>90, NovaLED Maxi GEN2 downlights deliver HiColour accuracy. In other words, they display colours superbly. With such great performance, NovaLED Maxi GEN2 downlights are a preferred solution in most residential applications, as well as for any task lighting in retail, hospitality, health and leisure environments.

Ripple Frequency Interference

NovaLED Maxi GEN2 products are immune to ripple frequency interference.

Unrivalled Efficiency

NovaLED Maxi GEN2 products utilise the latest developments in LED and offer among the highest energy to light conversions currently available, 97Lm to 95Lm/W.

Environment and Safety

NovaLED Maxi GEN2 products are fully recyclable with no glass to break, no dangerous chemicals, and no risk from exposed voltages.

Seven Year Warranty

Buying NovaLED Maxi GEN2 is buying certainty. Lumex is the only manufacturer confident enough to offer a Seven Year Warranty.

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