NovaBlade SmartSense Zone Control

NovaBlade SmartSense Zone Control is a powerful lighting management system that uses Follow-Me Technology to sense occupancy and also incorporates daylight harvesting to reduce energy consumption by up to 90%.

SmartSense Zone Control offers complete convenience as it is self-configuring and self-managing. Being fully programmable they can enhance productivity and comfort levels as well as saving energy.

Series Size Total Power (Up to) Lumen
LL9PS66 600x600mm 40W 3200Lm
LL9PSX66 600x600mm 44W 4000Lm
LL9PS123 1200x300mm 40W 3700Lm
LL9PSX123 1200x300mm 44W 4000Lm

What do these symbols mean?

Series Overview

  • Range: 3100Lm to 4000Lm, 40W and 44W
  • Up to 91Lm /Watt. Thats around 90% energy saving
  • LM80 Projected LED life > 90,00 hours
  • Colour Temperatures: 4000K and 6000K
  • Beam angle 120
  • Colour Rendering CRI>80
  • Powder coat white frame
  • IP40 protection rating (suitable for indoor use)
  • Thin and light weight
  • Self configuring lighting management
  • Emergency lighting models available
  • Fully recyclable
  • Fully Australian Approved
  • Seven Year Warranty

Breadth of Offer

NovaBlade SmartSense panels are available in 1200x300mm (LL9P123 series) and 600x600mm (LL9P66 series) sizes. These replace the most common troffers and are available in two colour temperatures (4000K and 6000K).

Unrivalled Efficiency (up to 90%)

NovaBlade utilise the latest developments in LED technology to offer among the highest energy to light conversions currently available, up to 91Lm/W. With SmartSense incorporated into each NovaBlade panel, energy savings can increase up to 90%.


NovaBlade SmartSense is a flexible lighting management system that automatically sets dimming levels in each individual luminaire based upon occupancy and ambient light levels.

Colour Rendering

Colour Rendering Index (CRI) is a measure of the ability of a light source to faithfully show the colours of various objects in comparison with bright sunlight. With a Colour Rendering Index in excess of 80 (CRI>80), NovaBlade SmartSense panels are suitable for all general applications.

Aesthetically Pleasing

NovaBlade SmartSense blends into the existing office dcor and looks like a series of skylights in your ceiling.

Ripple Frequency Interference

NovaBlade SmartSense panels are fitted with an electronic driver which ensures immunity to ripple frequency interference.

Unrivalled Efficiency

Classico products utilise the latest developments in LED and offer among the highest energy to light conversions currently available, up to 107Lm/W.

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting models are available for NovaBlade SmartSense LED lights. They provide 2 hours of reduced lighting in the event of a blackout so people can evacuate the building safely. Typically, 1 in 10 lights would be an emergency light.

NovaBlade SmartSense panels are fully recyclable with no glass to break, no dangerous chemicals and no risk from exposed voltages.

Seven Year Warranty

Buying Lumex is buying peace of mind. Lumex is the only manufacturer confident enough to offer a Seven Year Warranty.

Download specific technical data on any of the NovaBlade SmartSense Zone Control Series and Photometric Files

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