LoadSmart Driver Direct

Excellent in-line dimmer with performance equivalent to Gen2.

Selectable features:

  • Dimming mode
  • Restrike
  • LED indicator
  • Minimum dim setting

Ideal for general applications up to 450W in both one way switching applications. A control switch is not required.

Product Code Description
LT1D110WE 1-10V Controller
Not for connection to circuit wiring

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Series Overview

LoadSmart Driver Direct

Dimming larger wattage LEDs can be a challenge. Traditional in-line dimming just doesn’t cut it. Driver Direct skirts the in-line issue and takes control straight to the driver. Driver Direct harnesses 1-10V technology to provide smooth and consistent dimming even in the most challenging load situations. If wattage is the problem, the solution is Driver Direct.
(Note: Driver Direct requires a control switch, extra wiring and 1-10V compatible drivers)

Key features

  • Directly controls driver output stage
  • Smooth and consistent dimming
  • No limitation on fixture wattage
  • No limitation of fixture numbers
  • Minimum setting adjustment
  • Power requirements: 60vdc 50ma max
  • Minimum load: Not applicable
  • Dimming operation: 1-10V
  • Environmental: 0-45o C
  • Derating: Not applicable
  • Over-temperature protection: Not applicable
  • Network compatibility: Not applicable
  • Compatible loads: 1-10V dimmable products
  • Non-compatible loads: Non 1-10V products
  • Fully recyclable
  • Fully Australian Approved
  • Seven Year Warranty

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