Linear-Q GEN2 Zone Control

SmartSense Zone Control – The energy efficiency multiplier

Linear-Q GEN2 is an elegant LED solution perfect for internal stairwells and secure areas. With a fast fit design, superior performance, and SmartSense Zone Control, the energy savings are second to none.

Series Length Watts (Up to) Lumen
LL4LQ2M61 600mm 11W 1470Lm
LL4LQ2M62 600mm 16W 2200Lm
LL4LQ2M121 1200mm 16W 2200Lm
LL4LQ2M122 1200mm 31W 4440Lm
LL4LQ2M151 1440mm 21W 3000Lm
LL4LQ2M152 1440mm 41W 6000Lm

What do these symbols mean?

Series Overview

Ideal for Stairwells and access areas

Video footage of installed SmartSense Zone Control technology

  • 11W – 41W, up to 6000Lm
  • Up to 141Lm/W
  • Integrated Lumex SmartSense Zone Control technology
  • LM80 protected LED life > 50,000 hours
  • Colour Temperatures: 6500K and 4000K
  • Frosted diffuser, Beam angle 120degree
  • Colour rendering CRI>80
  • Fixture colour: White
  • Quick-mount clip together assembly
  • End to end mounting
  • IP40 protection rating
  • 1-10V dimming capability as standard
  • Immune to Ripple Frequency Interference
  • Direct connect facility
  • Fully recyclable
  • Fully Australian Approved
  • 7 Year Warranty


Linear-Q GEN2 SmartSense Zone Control Battens have an integrated Lumex SmartSense Zone Control technology. Fixtures operate autonomously to monitor occupancy in their immediate area using highly effective microwave technology.

Ripple Frequency Interference

Linear-Q GEN2 SmartSense Zone Control products are immune to ripple frequency interference.

Unrivalled Efficiency

Linear-Q GEN2 SmartSense Zone Control products utilise the latest developments in LED and offer among the highest energy to light conversions currently available – up to 141Lm/W.

Environment and Safety

Linear-Q GEN2 SmartSense Zone Control products are fully recyclable with no glass to break, no dangerous chemicals, and no risk from exposed voltages.

Unbeatable warranty

Buying Lumex is buying certainty. Lumex is the only manufacturer confident enough to offer a Seven Year Warranty.

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