Light Rack GP Floodlight

The boxy utilitarian design of the new Light Rack GP floodlight with its chunky screw studded frame is a rugged look at home in any industrial application.

More importantly, the superior performance, the extensive range of options, and the everyday assurance of Lumex quality has Light Rack GP winning on best value every time. This new range of General Purpose Floodlights builds on the success of its Light Rack predecessor. The modular LED concept from the original Light Rack series has been enhanced by the development of a high performance, replaceable 30W light engine that are common right across the GP range. The body design is also more fully modular with the key zinc steel and aluminium components common across all frame sizes.

Series Power (W) (Up to) Lumen
LL3LGP60## 60W 5600Lm
LL3LGP90## 90W 8500Lm
LL3LGP120## 120W 10700Lm
LL3LGP150## 150W 13800Lm
LL3LGP180## 180W 17000Lm
Symmetrical or Asymmetrical

What do these symbols mean?

Series Overview

LED Floo

Ideal for Industrial applications including varied range of flood lighting, larger cold storage rooms and high bay type areas.

Light Rack GP Floodlight Application
  • 5600Lm to 17,000Lm, 60W to 180W
  • Up to 94Lm/W, thats a 70% energy saving
  • TM-21 projected LED life > 100,000 hours at L70
  • Colour Temperatures: 4000K and 5000K
  • Symmetric 90 x 120 Asymmetric 60 x 130
  • Colour Rendering: CRI>70
  • Black power coat finish, white available as an option
  • IP66 ingress protection – ideal for outdoor (all weather) locations
  • IK07 impact rating
  • Not suitable for phase dimming. 0, 1-10V option available
  • Horizontal and Vertical Formats
  • 1.5M of UV Resistant flex and plug
  • Fully recyclable
  • Fully Australian Approved
  • Seven Year Warranty

Breadth of Offer

From a compact two module 5600Lm (60W) right through to a powerful six module 17,000Lm (180W), Light Rack GP can be a solution for just about any requirement. For added versatility they are available in both symmetric and asymmetric distribution formats. All assembly screws are 316 stainless steel. And of course, all products are protected to IP66.


Light Rack GP products are not suitable for phase control dimming in standard specification, however, an upgraded product is available to convert them to 0, 1-10V compatible.

Unrivalled Efficiency

Light Rack GP products utilise the latest developments in LED and offer among the highest energy to light conversions currently available, up to 94Lm/W.

Unmatched Versatility

Light Rack GP offer the flexibility of symmetric and asymmetric distributions as well as vertical or horizontal mounting formats.

Environment and Safety

Light Rack GP products are fully recyclable with no glass to break, no dangerous chemicals, and no risk from exposed voltages.

Seven Year Warranty

Buying Light Rack GP is buying certainty. Lumex is the only manufacturer confident enough to offer a Seven Year Warranty.

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